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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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not see quite as much the system on ultimate doppler radar shows the solid chance that is you'll see some snowflakes tonight. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. busy night just beginning for the fox 29 weather authority. let's get straight to chief meteorologist scott williams. hey, scott. >> hi there lucy and iain. yes, we are tracking an arctic front that's been on the move throughout the day. some folks saw flakes earlier but take look at this line just off to the west. not only are we tracking reduced visibilities and a nasty squall line, but behind it, a considerable drop in temperatu temperature. still above freezing root now philadelphia in the 40s. but look behind the front. already dropping into the teens for the western part of the state around pittsburgh. but we'll zoom a little closer in. here's that line. that squall line that's going to be bringing that burst of snow to the pocono mountains to the lehigh valley so we'll put a tracker on it. arriving around lancaster in the next five minutes. moving toward allentown by 6:20. norristown 6:54 and philadelphia if it holds together by 7:15.
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also, watch what happens with those temperatures as we go hour by hour. by 9:00, 10:00 o'clock, we're dropping below freezing. upper 20s by 10:00 o'clock. but that system will be out of here. we're talking about the likelihood of about coating north and west once you move toward sections of berks county, the lehigh valley and then the pocono mountains may be up to an inch. so here's the bottom line. right now, we're timing that arctic front as well as the snow. a coating mainly on the grassy surfaces north and west. and then those winds they will be picking up gusting at times over 40 miles per hour. we'll talk much more about this system and that snowfall where you live in your particular area as well as other roller coaster changes ahead with the seven day forecast. back to you. >> all right, talk to you very soon, scott. while we're not expecting a big snow tonight, penndot officials are making sure they're prepared to keep you safe. in south philadelphia, salt trucks have been getting ready. agency says about 30 trucks are
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ready to roll. >> state prepared -- stay prepared for the wint wet by downloading the fox 29 news app. get live radar and alerts sent right to your phone search for it in the apple and google play stores. >> breaking news in wilmington delaware. firefighters trying to figure out what started a house fire. skyfox over the 500 block of north monroe street. that's where officials tell us one person has been taken to the hospital. the fire broke out around 4:00 this afternoon. there's no word on that person's condition as of yet. we of course will bring you updates as we get them on the air and online at developing story out of camden county judge. a judge are a raining dj creato today the dad charged in the murder of his three-year-old son brendan. the father reported his son missing back in october of 2015 just hours later authorities found the body of the three year old. >> until day we had very little information on what may have happened. fox 29's bruce gordon is live in camden. bruce, prosecutors are leg out a
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very disturbing motive. >> reporter: yeah, they sure are. turns out three separate autopsies have greatly narrowed down the list of possible causes of death for little brendan creato. but, again, it's the motive in this case. the little boy getting in the way of dj creato's blossoming romance with a teenaged girlfriend that had so many in court today wiping away tears. 22-year-old dj creato listened quietly seemingly without emotion as prosecutor christine shaw described a murder most heinous. >> violation of a most sacred trust. trust between a child and their parent between a little boy and his father. >> reporter: shaw told of an investigation that made clear creato was in fact the last person to see his son alive. the little boy had been smothered, strangled or drowned and that his body had been placed in the wooded area near cooper river where it was found less than three hours after his father reported hip missing. >> this is obviously circumstantial case, your honor
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are but the circumstances are quiet compelling. >> it was the motive for the killing that shocked the packed courtroom. he struck up a romantic relationship with a 17-year-old philadelphia girl who disliked children and resented the time creato spent with his son. by october, the girlfriend was back in college seeing another man. on the last night of little brendan's live, he was alone in haddon township apartment with his father. dj creato. shaw dj's own words to investigator. >> he described his own state of mind that monday night as jealous and paranoid that he was going to lose his girl friend. they were sleeping in the very next room. primary source of his girlfriend's hateful discontent. >> reporter: the defense urged against a rush to judgment. >> he stands accused as bad a crime as it gets and it's awful, but nothing other than this circumstantial case miss shaw has laid out before the court
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suggests he's going to be convicted. >> reporter: his parents spoke to reporters moments after the hearing. >> we love our son. >> we love him very much and we support him through all of this. may justice prevail. >> reporter: dj cree otto remains behind bars on $750,000 cash bail. the little boy's mother was in court today. she made very clear she did not wish to comment to reporters. iain. >> all right, bruce, thank you. now to breaking news in the persian gulf. the pentagon says it briefly lost contact with two small navy craft there today. but they have gotten assurances from iran that the crew and vessels will be returned safely and promptly. the boats carrying a total of 10 sailors were moving between kuwait and bahrain when the us lost contact with them. officials say the boats had mechanical problems and droved into iranian waters. official say they've been communicating with iran. we of course will keep updated. >> happening right now police are looking for two robbers vest investigators say the men
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offered to help an older man with a walker and robbed him instead. security cameras captured it all last week along north sixth street in the city's franklinville neighborhood. authorities say a 70-year-old man had just gone to the bank and was making his way to restaurant across the street. that man said he needed some help with the door. you see that right there, right well, police say the two guys used the opportunity to rob him. they got away with cash. just despicable. >> counselor at a school in kensington drops her purse to help a child in need and a thief swoops in. investigators say someone grabbed the bag and took off. if you recognize this person, call police. neshaminy high school basketball coach is accused of getting physical with a ref is back at school but not on the court. jerry devine return to the classroom today as a special education teacher. at neshaminy high. but he remains suspended as a coach. videos show devine confronting a
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referee after he disagreed with a foul call during a game earlier this month. when another referee approached him the coach appeared to head butt the ref and knocked him to the floor. pennsylvania's criminally charged attorney general kathleen cane can't is locked in a battle for her political future. tonight a senate panel is deciding is she, shocks she be pulled from office? jeff cole is working the raging kane controversy and joins us now in the studio. jeff? >> kathleen cane can't didn't show up at the hearing tuesday in harrisburg, but her ears must have been ringing off the hook, because she is all they talked about. the question is this. can she be the people's lawyer for the commonwealth of pennsylvania. the attorney general without a license to practice law kane criminally charged with leaking secret information and then lying about it under oath was stripped of her license temporarily. this special panel heard testimony from achieve of staff who argued that she can do her job without the license and former philly mayor ed rendell he weighed in. he offered a little unvarnished
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advice. >> you're having these hearing because of the other things kathleen cane can is charged with doing. do it the right way. impeach her if that's what you believe. >> he says he thinks she, too, can do the job without the law license. if the panel votes to yank her out of the job, the full senate has to take a vote. if they also vote to remove her the issue moves to the desk of governor wolf. he's asked kane to step down already. iain, back to you. >> all right, jeff, thank you. new jersey governor chris christie delivering his state of the state address today. the governor says the garden state is strong and growing even stronger. christie says the state has accomplished big things during the past year and the governor applauded those who helped reform and simplify the state's tack code and also talked about efforts the state has taken to help those a dicked to drugs. christie also says job front looks promising for new jersey. >> we achieved the best private sector job growth in new jersey
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in 15 years. after create nothing jobs 48 years. we've created 224,000 new jobs in the last sick years. >> as the governor gave his address a couple of dozen protesters stood outside the state house in trenton. they accuse the governor of focusing more on his presidential run than the state of new jersey. all new at 6:00 what do leader tas prestigious all girls school do when one student revealed she does not identify as female? it just happened in our area. we're looking at the response. howard. >> the search continues for a new eagles head coach but a meeting in houston could delay any decision and pittsburgh's ben roethlisberger reveals just how bad his injured shoulder really is. that's all coming up in sports.
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following breaking news right now out of california. crews are trig to busy trying to rescue a man trapped in a pipe. you can see it happening right now. this is all happening in
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oakland, california. crews try to get that guy out. we don't know what type of pipe he's stuck in or how he got there in the first place. but as you can see there are plenty of people there trying to get him out. we'll keep updated and bring you any new information as soon as we get it. hopefully they get him out soon and safely. first for prestigious school for girls on the mainline. high school student identifies as a boy and is talking about it. >> well now the single sex school trying to address an issue other institutions have already confront the. dawn timmeney in the newsroom with more on that. dawn? >> reporter: iain and lucy right now the all girls school does not have a policy regarding transgender students. it formed a task force back in october before the student came forward but now it's front and center and the school is grappling with how to handle the issue. >> i think it had to happen. and i think it's a quandary. it's not going to be a win/win in any way. >> reporter: jacobs reaction to go news that a student at the agnes irwin school a private
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schools school in rosemont recently came out as transgend transgender. jacobs class of 1959 and a class representative says it's a sign of the times. >> cleaclearly there are researg now. they are meeting. they're getting advisors. the box is open and now these issues will have to be made and they'll be big. >> reporter: students learn the news in an assembly last friday and reportedly received specific instructions on the student's new name and proper pronoun usage. the head of school notified parents in an e-mail yesterday. it reads in part "we learned that upper school student who has been a member of our community for many years identifies as a transgender. the student shared this fact with classmates win this individual's grades as well as advisers for the grade "the letter states in girls school such as ours, this subject races particularly complex issues. >> i know the school will do its best. i can see so many different issues at stake for the safety of child, for the well-being of
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the child. >> reporter: alum davis thinks the student was very brave to come forward. the student is said to be in 11th grade and wants to stay. good i like to see the student be able to make that decision rather than the school but i think policy on retention will potentially be necessary moving forward. >> reporter: the agnes irwin school for girls was founded by its name sake back in 1869. a great granddaughter of benjamin franklin. >> she was an innovator. way ahead of her time when she started the school. she would look to take a leadership stance on this. >> reporter: well, some alumni and parents feel the school should take a progressive stand. others argue if the student now identifies as a boy, the student should no longer be a able a 10 an all girl school. the board make a final determination on agnes irwin's transgender policy.
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iain and lucy? >> dawn, interesting, thank you so much. we have have been tracking lea still's battle of cancer since the beginning. >> today her dad shared just absolutely outstanding news. his little girl has beat cancer. lea is the daughter of houston texan devon still. leases last treatment was monday night. he's celebrated by sharing this picture online. she is just so darling. the five-year-old has been receiving treatment at children's hospital of philadelphia for the past two years. her dad has been keeping everyone up to date on the journey on social media. he says he has absolutely no words to describe how proud he is of little lea. >> wow! >> tough cookie. >> um-hmm. back to your fox 29 winter wet authority. we take a look at readily. look at that. >> what are you seeing there, williams. >> is this snow falling. >> getting ready to be hit in the reading berks county area in fact by that squall line that we've been talking about lucy and iain. treat this system almost as we would a line of showers and
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thunderstorms moving through as we take a look right now on ultimate doppler, you can see here's that arctic front. but along and out ahead of it that's the nasty squall line a little bit of convective activity as well. some thunder snow perhaps. but expect a quick burst of some heavy snow reduced visibilities and then it will be moving through and temperatures tumble behind it so we'll zoom in a little closer right now. still above freezing. 40s in philadelphia but behind that arctic front, look at the dramatic difference. temperatures around pittsburgh already in the teens. let's focus in on this squall line right now pushing toward the reading, berks county area moving into the lancaster county area as well. so we're talking about a burst of heavy snow dropping a coating on some of the grassy surfaces. that reduced visibility and this line will continue to move through sections of the pocono mountains the lehigh valley then eventually move toward the philadelphia area. so as i said we'll treat this kind of like a line much showers and thunderstorms so as we put a
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tracker on this, squall line moving toward our allentown around 6:30, bethlehem 6:00 33. moving toward lower merion, philadelphia, shortly after the 7:00 o'clock hour. so as we talk about the expected snowfall accumulations with this, not anticipating a whole lot coatin coating on the grassy surfaces berks county moving up to lehigh valley as wells the pocono mountains maybe up to an inch. but you have to watch out if you're on the roadways due to that reduced visibility with that blowing snow. so it will look briefly like a blizzard is about to happen with that squall line as it moves from west to east. so that arctic front, the burst of snow, bitter cold for the middle of the week but temperatures rebound and then we talk about another chance for some rain in that seven day forecast. but here's the setup that arctic air is headed in our direction. right now temperatures 10 degrees above freezing at 42. the normal high for this time of year is 40. but it's 42 philadelphia.
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once again teens as we move toward the pittsburgh area. but look at the single digits even below zero right now in international falls. so that's some of the colder air that's moving in. so over the next hour or so, moving toward philadelphia, that burst of snow reduced visibili visibilities turning blustery and colder behind that system with those falling temperatures. tonight lows in the teens and the burbs 23 degrees in the city and then tomorrow's planner, deceptive sunshine. a high temperature of 30 degrees but look at feels like temperatures tomorrow morning. only in the single digits. it is going to be pretty cold. we're talking feels like temperatures by lunch time in philadelphia 14 degrees for tomorrow so that's how you should dress. temperatures rebound to 50 on friday. and then a chance for some rain early saturday. >> all right, scott, thank you. >> howard i know you love the feels like temperatures. what are you feeling like head coach for philly. >> i think like it's tom coughlin. >> you think so. >> yeah.
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>> his temperature is good. (laughter). >> all right. >> perfect. >> the eagles continue their search for a new head coach, but they're latest candidate well he interviewed. he had another meeting with another team today. and pittsburgh's ben roethlisberger reveals how bad his banked up shoulder really is and whether his season is over. sports is next.
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♪ the eagles remember them? they're team without a head coach right now. your football team is still trying to make a decision. there are no interviews with any other candidates scheduled. now the last interview took place yesterday with ex giants head coach tom coughlin who had an interview today with the 49ers. that took place in new york. now one of the reasons for no activity well one of the reasons i don't know if it's all the reasons, is that owner jeffrey lurie is with other owners meeting in houston. that situation looks like a mess as well with no decision on the two teams that the league wants to play in los angeles next year. the owners can't get the required 24 owners votes on a combination of the two teams from san diego, st. louis and oakland. it's a mess because st. louis wants locate in la that the nfl does not want to approve. they are a mess and it's all about money. all right. pittsburgh steelers will be playing at denver this weekend with a quarterback that is hur hurting. ben roethlisberger was injured in the last play off game.
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he has an ac sprain that's in the shoulder and also torn ligaments in the shoulder but he hopes to may on sunday and i'm told if he gets shot up he'll be fine. alabama won the national championship last night and i'm already sick of that team and sick of their head coach nick say bin much it's not hard to win when you get the best players each year. to phoenix arizona and he always gets the best players. he is a good recruiter. all right they tied it up at 24. what happens when it's tied at 24. 10 minutes to go in the fourth quarter. he comes off like a genius because the on side kick was picked up by the alabama player in white. now just got to the 10-yards two plays later touchdown pass of 51 yards. they lead clemson 31-24. they never trailed after that. afterwards we heard say bin with the big time coach speak. >> i knew we were struggling psychologically a little bit, you know, getting ready for this game. i told them, you know, this is, how do you want to be
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remembered? we always talk about playing 60 minutes but this is a 6010 game. 60 minutes of the game and then 10 minutes in the locker room after the game that you remember for the rest of your life. >> 60-10 game. >> that's unique. and what do you mean hard to get the players up for a game. >> it's the national championship. (laughter). >> what the heck is he talking about. >> i don't know. >> that's one of the reasons i don't like nick say bin. it's all nonsense. >> they won because they have the best players. that's what it comes down to. >> they do. >> we've got possible snow. >> that snow squall kind of nasty reduced visibilities. berks county reading right now seeing some heavy snow. moving through the area. reducing that visibility and a quick check of ultimate doppler we put a tracker on this. you can see it will be moving toward the philadelphia area within the next hour or so as well. so be on the look out for reduced visibility. it will look lick a blizzard but it will move through. >> okay. be careful out there. that does it for us. >> see you at 10:00.
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crash course. >> i'm freaking out. >> a plane just landed on the freeway. >> the lingerie model learning how to fly when this happened. >> mayday, mayday. >> a little panic. >> and inside the raid to capture el chapo. and is sean penn a dead man walking. >> should sean penn be concerned for his safety? >> do you think? >> late night donald trump. >> i'm a handsome person. >> trump versus megyn kelly, round 2. >> who murdered ashley. the american artist found strangled in italy. are there clues to her death inside this


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